YRKKH: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update: Best Episode Update Today 14th September 2023

YRKKH: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update HINDI, Telly Update On Trendingheadlines.In

YRKKH: Today’s episode starts with Akshara calling Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu looks at the phone and says it is Akshara’s phone. Abhir asks why is he not answering. Akshara says the doctor might have slept. Just then Abhimanyu answers the phone and says whatever happened today, please forgive. She says Abhir wants to talk to you. Abhir asks what happened, did you guys have a fight. Abhimanyu says no. Abhi says there is a class party in the school, all the parents have to carry the dishes. Akshara says let the doctor say, I will make it different. Abhimanyu says let him say, then I will say. Abhir says you are not serious about the class party, you solve the fight. She says there is nothing like that. He says mumma, you make pasta, and dockman you make noodles, good night. He goes away grumbling. Abhimanyu says Mom is calling me and ends the call. Akshara says this has become very strange. Suwarna says no, this can never happen. Dadi asks him to think about it. Manish says we will talk to him. Grandma says our children’s lives will get better. Suwarna says I don’t want to talk about it. Surekha says wrong will not be right. Abhimanyu drops Ruhi to school. He asks her to give tiffin to Abhir. She asks why are you leaving so early, you have to meet Abhir. He says I have work, bye. Ruhi calls Aunty. Abhimanyu turns and sees Akshara and Abhir. Abhir hugs Ruhi and says this hug is good luck. She asks who hugs her without any reason. Abhir says, brother and sister. Abhimanyu says no, many people hug. Abhir says, hero heroine. Akshara shyly asks him to leave. The children go away. Abhimanyu says first you say that you are a woman. Akshara says you say this. There is a sweet banter between the two.

Abhimanyu said to Akshara to hug tomorrow, I was excited. She says we are friends, so everything is fine. She laughs. Akshara says we are behaving like children, it doesn’t suit us. They eat chocolate. She says I fight with you. He says yes, the world thinks I am mature, when it comes to you then who knows what happens? She says it’s good. They say that we used to fight earlier, but now we are peaceful. She said Abhir has a maths exam and an English exam before that, so I made him prepare. They go to their cars. Abhimanyu thinks Akshara is happy, everything is arranged, now I should stop thinking, everything is fine now. He starts his car but it doesn’t start. She asks do you want to go to the hospital or home?

Here Manish and everyone talk to Manjiri and family. Mahima asks what’s the matter, why are you being strange? Manjiri asks Manish to tell. Manish says I am not able to say. She insists on telling him. Manish says we came to talk about Abhimanyu and Akshara’s relationship. At that very moment Abhimanyu and Akshara return. They are surprised to see everyone. Everyone looks at him.

Manish says we are just talking, not deciding anything. Akshara says no. Anand asks Abhimanyu to think carefully. Abhimanyu also says no. Manish says maybe fate wants to bring you together, will you fight fate. Akshara says yes we will fight but this cannot happen. Manish says give me a valid reason. She says I was Abhinav’s wife a few months ago, I can never forget her, I can’t give her place to anyone else, that’s reason enough. And goes away. Manish calls him. Abhimanyu also says no, this is wrong. And he also goes away. Suwarna says you heard this, now please stop this drama. She says Akshu and Abhi gave their decision, let’s end it here now. Dadi says we elders have to decide for them. Suwarna says this is not right. Dadi asks what problem do you have, tell me. They all talk.

Suwarna asks what about Aarohi, she is engaged to Abhimanyu. Anand says yes but the matter did not progress further. Surekha says they didn’t get time, Abhimanyu’s focus was on Abhir’s surgery. Anand says that their relationship was a compromise, we all know that the relationship was not going ahead. Mahima asks what will we explain to Ruhi, she will be heartbroken. Parth says now we will not confuse children. Anand says that even after meeting Akshu, Abhimanyu will take care of Ruhi. Surekha says we can’t take Ruhi’s feelings lightly, can Abhir give Abhimanyu in place of Abhinav, think. Manish says who said that old relationships have to be broken to make new relationships, Abhimanyu is Abhir’s biological father, and Abhi, Akshu, and Abhir live as a family, they complete each other, and they are one. Why can’t we have a family? Suwarna asks if it is good to hurt someone. He says Aarohi and Ruhi know that Abhimanyu is Abhir’s father, Abhir needs his father. Surekh says no.

Mahima asks Manjiri what do you want, tell everyone. Mahima says I always wanted Abhi and Akshu to unite, but that time I was wrong, I want to see his family, this time I won’t tell him what to do, I will be happy with his decision. Akshu asks in her mind how can they take me away from Abhinav. Just then Manish comes and says Abhinav was not just a person but a garden of happiness, think a little for Abhinav and your future. She says I am thinking, living, smiling, why can’t you see it, the space is not empty, Abhinav, Abhir, and I were a complete family, I am not a helpless woman who needs support. , I am a confident independent woman. Suwarna says we will respect your decision. Grandma explains to Akshu. Akshu refuses and leaves. Suwarna says I told you not to talk about Abhi and Akshu’s relationship. Muskaan hears this and asks what? Kairav looks at him. Abhi looks at the kid’s picture. Akshu looks at Abhinav’s photo. He hugs both of the pictures.

Abhi recalls Manjiri. Akshu says its not your mistake. He says you understand my pain. He hugs her.

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