YRKKH: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update Today 5th September 2023

YRKKH: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update, telly update on trendingheadlines.in

Today’s episode begins with Abhir and Ruhi sleeping dressed as Radha Krishna.
Manish and Kairav are seen decorating the house for Janmashtami. Only then do we see Akshara come to take the Pooja plate, but some women who come to perform Pooja stop her and take the Pooja plate from her. Seeing all this, Manish feels very angry and sad.
Here we see Abhimanyu talking to himself, he is thinking about the accident that happened yesterday with Aksha Ra.
He is repenting about yesterday’s incident, and then his sister-in-law comes and explains to him that he go and talk to Akshara completely. Abhimanyu says I will go and apologize today itself.
Here we see Akshara lighting a lamp in front of Kanha ji, Only then do those women come again, they go and send Akshara to rest saying from there.
There was a feeling of sympathy for her, for her, for her.
Ahead, all the people are seen gathered for puja. Manish wishes everyone a happy Janmashtami and then asks Akshara to light the lamp but the worshipers from outside stop her from doing so saying she is a widow so she cannot perform the puja. Seeing all this, Manish and Kairav get angry. And there is a vigorous debate among the people.
Akshara also calls them very good and bad. Akshara asks them why all these rules are only for women. If you have never discriminated between people, then there are no people who discriminate. If she will not allow me to worship then I should go somewhere else and worship Shri Krishna.
At the same time, Abhir and Ruhi wake up and they come and hug Akshara.
And start stopping them from leaving. Hers she will go along with the losers. Let us go and celebrate Janmashtami at home. Then Igrish also has a heated argument with those women.
We see that one of the women goes ahead and goes to open the rope of the tableau but it does not open. Even after a lot of effort, the rope does not open. They get disappointed and say that we have to hurry, the sacred fort is being built.
Then we see that Abhir holds Akshara’s hand and takes her to the tableau gives the rope in her hand and asks her to untie it. Akshara hesitantly grabs the rope and then we see Akshara untie the rope. Everyone starts clapping happily. Then Abhimanyu tells them that we have no personal enmity with them, we hate their thinking and starts the puja by blowing the conch. Then we see Akshara starting to perform aarti while singing a song.

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