YRKKH: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update: Episode Update Today 9th September 2023

YRKKH: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Written Update Today (Sep 09-2023): YRKKH Serial Written Episode: Telly Update PLEASE VISITE Trendingheadlines.In

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2023 written episode, written update on trendingheadlines.in

At the beginning of the episode, Akshara smiles lightly at everyone. She continues singing. Manjiri opens her eyes after some time. She looks at Akshara. Everyone thanks God. Manjiri asks if Abhimanyu is fine. Akshu says yes, she is fine. Abhimanyu starts crying. They all go inside to see Manjiri. The nurse tells them that so many people cannot come inside. Mahima hugs Manjiri and says you scared everyone. Abhimanyu remembers everyone’s conversation and goes out. Akshara also follows him and calls him. She says You know you can’t live without seeing mom, she is looking for you, Once you meet her, she will be satisfied that you are fine. He says she was calling me but I didn’t go, she is the best mother, I can’t go to her, cuz I couldn’t do the duty of a son, you did the duty of a daughter, you saved her from the fire and Even now, you understand his heart, I am no good. Akshara says you are a good son. She says I don’t deserve her love, I should stay away. She says Mom needs you, and you’re embracing this guilt instead of her.

At home, Manish tells Akshara that whatever he is feeling is natural. Akshara says his mother needs him. Manish explained to him. He says that children doubt themselves when it comes to taking care of their parents. Surekha asks why will we always understand, mother and son have burdened Akshara with guilt, and they left her to die, Ever since they came to know about Abhir, they started coming, she should suffer now. Akshara says I can’t want my enemy too have a tough time, Abhimanyu is Abhir’s father, he saved Abhir’s life and gave us his custody.

Manjiri asks where is Abhimanyu. Aarohi and Shefali lie to him. Manjiri says if my son is with me then I will wake up no matter how deep the sleep. Abhir and Ruhi come and hug Manjiri. They ask him if he is okay. Manjiri says I am fine now. They remove his evil eye. She smiles Pallavi asks Kairav to come for lunch. Then Muskaan comes and says that he will not go anywhere. She introduces herself and says I have come to take my husband on a date. She gives flowers to Kairav. Muskaan asks Pallavi are you married, if not then get married soon, if you get older then it is difficult to get into a relationship. Pallavi leaves saying nice to meet you ma’am. Kairav taunts Muskaan about her jealousy. Muskaan asks Kairav how the flowers grew. He says flowers are nice but there is no fragrance coming from them, only the smell of burning, Don’t do this, there is no use.

Manjiri asks why Abhimanyu didn’t come to meet me, if is he fine, where is he. Mahima says she is fine, but he is feeling a little guilty. Manjiri asks why. Shefali tells everything. She says You got conscious due to Akshara’s song, Abhimanyu feels guilty, he is scared to come in front of you. Manjiri says she has to come in front of me, I know how to end her fear. Abhimanyu feels like crying remembering Manjiri’s condition.

Akshara comes and makes Abhumanyu talk to Abhir on the video call. Abhir asks him why didn’t he meet Dadi. Abhimanyu says I was not well. Abhir says when I was away from mumma, she became unwell, to cure her you have to stay with dadi. Abhimanyu asks Why are you helping me when Neil died, I didn’t help you when mom needed me, I didn’t help her, I always disappoint everyone, leave me. Akshara says we will not lose in front of the enemy, if we fight with our own people we will be left alone, I was alone, Kanha ji introduced me to Abhimanyu, and he became my friend, I extended my hand in friendship, hold my hand, Come see Manjiri, everything will be fine, I promise. She holds his hand. Muskaan thinks it is good, Dadi’s report is normal. Just then she sees Abhimanyu and Akshara shaking hands. Manjiri says I have to cook, else Abhimanyu will know that I did not cook. Shefali lit the stove. Manjiri gets scared seeing the fire. Shefali and Mahima try to calm him down. Ruhi gets scared. Mahima takes him out. Abhimanyu comes home, and Manjiri cries seeing him, and faints. Shefali asks Abhimanyu to come quickly and take Manjiri. Mahima also comes and catches Manjiri.

Mahima asks what joke is this. Abhimanyu says I am resigning. Akshara says being a doctor is your identity, we all trust you, and we will not let you go from here. Shefali calls Abhimanyu and says Manjiri has gone somewhere.

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YRKKH: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written: Akshra Saves Manjiri: Episode Update Today 8th September 2023 (trendingheadlines.in)

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