YRKKH Written update 21st October 2023: This secret will be revealed in front of the family, Abhimanyu will hide this truth from Akshara


YRKKH 21 October 2023 Full Episode

Akshara and Abhimanyu’s love story is not easy to complete. There are going to be many difficulties in the lives of both of them before marriage. Know the update on the upcoming episode.

YRKKH 21 October 2023 Full Episode

Saturday’s episode of the TV serial ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ will start with good news. Abhimanyu on one side and the Goenka family on the other side would be constantly praying that somehow the life of Akshara’s child should be saved. After some suspense, Akshara will get to know from her doctor that her child is completely fine. Akshara will learn over the video call that Abhimanyu and the rest of the family were praying for her and that her child’s survival is actually the result of everyone’s prayers.

Akshu told the truth to his family

After recovering and coming home, Akshara will reveal a shocking truth to her family and Abhimanyu. Akshara will tell everyone that Manjari Maa did not push her. Akshara will say that during the argument, both of them were going toward Havan when Akshara’s foot got stuck on the mattress and she fell. No one will believe what Akshara says. Abhimanyu and the Goenka family will say that she is trying to save Manjari, but Akshu will tell them that she is just trying to tell what is true.

Clash between Taiji and Abhimanyu

There will be a little argument between Akshara Goenka and Abhimanyu Birla on this matter, but then Akshara will explain to them that when she opened her eyes in the hospital and saw that Manjari was not with her, she understood that the family members had not kept her with Akshara. Must have been allowed to come. On the other hand, in Birla Hospital, Abhimanyu will not like the offer that Taiji has already accepted along with his son Parth. Taiji wants to open a new VIP hospital with the money from which the poor are treated for free.

Abhimanyu will hide this truth from Akshara

There will be a heated debate between Abhimanyu and Taiji regarding this issue. Taiji wants Abhimanyu to stay in the hospital, but Abhimanyu does not want to stay in the hospital with the conditions that Taiji and Parth Bhai are imposing. Therefore, at Taiji’s request, Abhimanyu will decide to leave the position of MD of the hospital. Abhimanyu will first try to convince the board members of the hospital and if things do not work out, he will resign from the hospital. However, so that Akshara does not get upset, he will hide the fact from her that she is being thrown out of the hospital.

Akshu says Abhi is struggling because of me. She asks the man not to give the job to Abhi. Manjiri writes a letter for Abhi and cries. Abhi asks Akshu did you do all this. She asks what.

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