YRKKH Written update 22 October 2023: Akshara will know Abhimanyu’s dark truth in the hospital, what will happen next?


YRKKh Today Episode Written Update: In the upcoming episode of 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' you will see that Akshara will go to the hospital and find out Abhimanyu's hidden truth. She will be shocked to know all this.

YRKKH Today Episode Written Update: In Sunday’s episode of the TV serial ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, you will see that the housemates will be seen taking great care of Akshara. Akshara will insist that she has to observe Karva Chauth fast and the family members will refuse her. Abhimanyu will also explain to her that she should not keep this fast while worrying about her child and herself. Akshara will pretend in front of the family that she is not fasting, whereas, in reality, she might have kept the fast for Abhimanyu.

Akshara Abhi’s romantic chemistry

Abhimanyu will also pretend in front of his future wife that he has not kept the fast, but his lie will be caught when the butler in the kitchen returns with Abhimanyu’s breakfast. Akshara will understand what could be the reason behind not having breakfast for a person who watches the clock and does breakfast and works. She will insist on going and feeding Abhimanyu and Abhi will eat on the condition that Akshara also eats. Both will eat one bite of the sandwich and spit it out.

Manjari will remain bitter in her heart there.

On the other hand, in Birla House, Manjari will be seen feeling upset and upset. He will not understand how he can stop the marriage of his son Abhimanyu. This thought is stuck in his mind that after marriage, Akshara will not be able to take care of his son and will be lost in the memories of her deceased husband (Abhinav) because of her child. Here Akshara will get the file related to which Abhimanyu has left the house in connection with the work. She will go to Birla Hospital with this file so that she can give it to Abhi.

Abhi’s secret will be exposed in front of Akshu

Here Akshara will be exposed to a shocking truth that will blow her senses. Akshara will overhear Taiji and Aarohi’s conversation in the hospital after which she will come to know that Abhimanyu is lying to her and has resigned from the hospital. Akshara will understand that Abhimanyu is hiding the fact from her that he has been removed from the hospital due to the fear that she may face problems and worries. What will happen next? Stay connected with Live Hindustan to know.

Mahima says its board decision to make a VIP hospital, you have to leave the hospital if you have a problem. Abhi leaves. Akshu worries and hears the truth.

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