YRKKH written update 1st Nov: Will Akshara’s Departure from Goenka’s House Mark the Heartbreaking Conclusion of Abhira’s Love Story After Aarohi’s Tragic Demise?


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Aarohi will die. Akshara will take the blame for Aarohi’s death on her own head. In such a situation, the entire Goenka family will turn against Akshara. Whereas Abhimanyu…

After Aarohi’s demise, the entire family will be broken. Surekha will put the entire blame on Akshara. No one will believe what Surekha says. But, when Akshara herself admits her mistake in front of everyone, then the whole family will turn against Akshara. Akshara will not tell the truth to the family. She will not say that Aarohi lost her life because of Ruhi. She will decide to go to Kasauli with Abhir. Read the written update of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’.

Bade Papa will be angry at Surekha

After the accident, Akshara will take Aarohi to Birla Hospital. Abhimanyu will not be able to save Aarohi’s life. The entire Goenka and Birla family will be shocked. Then Manjari will ask, ‘How did all this happen?’ Surekha will say, ‘Aarohi had an accident with our car and Akshara was driving the car.’ Bade Papa will get angry. They will say, ‘You have seen it wrong. Akshara cannot do this.

Akshara will tell the truth to Abhimanyu

On the other hand, Surekha will blame Akshara. Here Akshara will tell the whole truth to Abhimanyu. Akshara will say, ‘It happened because of me. Everything has happened because of me. I should have thrown her out before Ruhi released the handbrake. it’s all my fault.’ Abhimanyu will be surprised. He will ask, ‘Ruhi?’ Akshara will say, ‘Yes! He had to drive. She was very insistent. She went and sat on the driving seat. I scolded Ruhi and pulled her out of the car. But, I did not notice that he had released the handbrake of the car. Abhimanyu will explain this to Akshara.

The entire Goenka family will be against Akshara

Akshara will not listen to Abhimanyu. She will run to Bade Papa and say, ‘Aarohi’s accident happened because of me. I did not park the car properly. The car was parked on a slope and I had not applied the handbrake properly. Ruhi will hear everything. She will run to her room. After Ruhi’s departure, Badi Maa will turn against Akshara. Surekha and Bade Papa will also blame Akshara. Whereas Mimi will support Akshara. Mimi will try to convince everyone. But, no one will understand.

Abhimanyu will question Akshara

Abhimanyu will question Akshara. He will ask, ‘Why are you doing this?’ Akshara will say, ‘It is Ruhi’s fault. But, if Ruhi comes to know that because of him her mother is no more in this world, then what will happen to her heart? Abhimanyu, promise me. Promise that you will never tell anyone that Aarohi’s accident happened because of Ruhi. Ruhi should never know anything. Abhimanyu will agree.

Will Akshara go to Kasauli?

After Aarohi’s funeral, Akshara decides to go to Kasauli. She will leave for Kasauli with Abhir. Only then Abhimanyu will come. He will talk to Akshara and say, ‘Where are you going? Alone with Junior? I love you Akshara. Wherever you go, I will go with you there.

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