Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 4th September 2023: Abhi and Abhir win the trophy

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update, telly update on

The Episode starts with Akshu clapping and saying you sang well, you will win, and I will show you how to sing from heart. She sings bound by heart… Abhi remembers their moments spent in the past. Then he can’t help but say it’s an emergency, I have to go. He goes out and thinks why past is coming in front of my eyes, please Mahadev you help me.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update, telly update on

We see that it is evening now, and the competition is on. Abhi and Abhir look tensed. Manjiri and Akshu go to get their hair done. So Abhi and Abhir say don’t touch the hair. Manjiri and Akshu laugh and say that you both will win the comedy trophy. Then she tells them both to go and sing well. Just then there is a sound from the mike and Abhir is called on the stage to sing. Ruhi says all the best, I know you will rock the stage. Abhi and Abhir stop and take their mother’s blessings. Manjiri and Akshu wish them to win. As soon as Abhi starts singing, the lights go off at that very moment. Everyone is asked to remain seated and have some patience. Only then does someone’s voice come up that the inverter is not working.
Abhir asks Akshu to do something. Abhi says we will talk to the principal, we will definitely get a chance to perform.
Then Akshu tells Abhi that we have to do something. Manjiri asks what can we do? Akshu says I have a plan, but I need your help. Manjiri asks if this idea will work. Akshu says we can try. Abhi then goes towards the stage and Abhir shouts where did you go? Then Akshu says don’t shout. Akshu would have brought the car battery for the speaker. Abhi asks what is all this. So Akshu smiles and says you pay attention to your singing, then we see that the lights come on and the ceremony starts again. Akshu connects the battery to the mike. Manjiri and everyone smile. Only then a man say that madam has made a good mind. Then she says to start the light. Only then do some people riding the bike light the headlight of the bike. Seeing that the light comes again, everyone starts clapping happily.

Akshu says we will continue the function. So Manjiri tells Abhi that the battery will not last long, so go fast. Abhi says our performance is dedicated to my mother and Abhir’s mother, we will try our best to win, and we will sing and dance wholeheartedly. Then he starts singing…. Humne Bahane Se…. Abhir starts singing along.
As soon as the song ends, everyone praises Abhi and Abhir by clapping and then asks them both to dance. Then we see Abhi and Abhir dancing on Malang Si… in the evening.

Seeing this, Akshu said that I did not know that these people would dance so well. Everyone claps. The host of the function says it is not difficult for us to guess the winners, the winners are Abhir and Abhimanyu Birla. Everyone claps again. Abhi and Abhir get the best father and son trophy. Both of them come on stage and say that the award goes to our mothers. Abhi says special thanks to Ruhi. Manjiri gets Abhir and Ruhi to click pictures. Abhi and Akshu smile. Akshu says to Abhi Now I want guru Dakshina, you have won the award. Abhi says We had to win this, we father and son are very talented. Then Akshu says that you have been looking worried since morning. Then she asks Abhi, you didn’t even go to the hospital, what’s the matter? He said nothing, I had other urgent work. Then Akshu says if you don’t want to say then no problem.
Then the trophy falls down. As Akshu bends down to pick up the trophy, a car is seen speeding towards Akshu, and Abhi quickly pulls it back. He scolds her and says why do you risk your life for others? Because of this habit, 6 years ago… before Abhi could finish his words, Akshu looked at him.
And says we lost Neil 6 years ago, but you always had this thing in your heart, I was thinking that we have moved on, but I was wrong, nothing has changed between us, and some Will not change either. Saying this, Akshu leaves from there.
We then see Akshu crying at home and remembering Abhi’s words. She remembers Neil’s death.
Abhi also remembers Neil only. He thinks sorry I became the cause of your pain once again.

It’s morning, and Akshu says Kanha’s makeup should be good. Everyone is seen talking about Janmashtami. Manish says our rangoli is also ready. Kairav is eating laddoos. Seeing this, Akshu and Aarohi stop him and say that the women are fasting and you are eating laddus. So Kairav says it is Prasad. Women start looking towards Akshu, and Manish also looks towards him. Abhir asks where is the butter bowl? Everyone smiles seeing Abhir and Ruhi. Abhi also comes home. Manish says these two are the dearest Radha and Kanha. Manjiri says Abhi you have dressed her well. Everyone praises him. Abhi says I have put black dots on them. Akshu asks Why will I get evil eye? Kairav says come here kids, let them fight.

Suwarna asks Akshu to open the Jhanki. The lady says we will do it. Manish asks why. The lady says Akshu can’t do it, she is widow.

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