The Unresolved Tension

As the sound of dandiya resonates through the air, Abhimanyu takes a step towards reconciliation. He apologizes to Akshara, expressing his fear rather than taunting her. But Akshara remains unmoved, choosing to ignore him.

Family Matters

At the Birla household, preparations are in full swing for the Dahi-Handi program. But Parth, burdened by his own inner turmoil, refuses to participate.

A Power Struggle

Parth's refusal sparks a heated exchange between Mahima and Anand. Mahima denies him the coveted MD position, offering a surprising compensation instead. Parth, taken aback, demands his share of the Birla property, leading to a shocking confrontation.

Tensions Rise

Abhimanyu intervenes, questioning Mahima's willingness to raise her hand against her own son for the MD position. Parth expresses his desire for control over his life, leading to further family strife.

A Complicated Offer

Mahima's proposition leaves Parth torn between his desires and family responsibilities, with Manjiri offering her own perspective.

A Challenge Accepted

Abhimanyu proposes a challenge, giving Parth six months to prove his capability. Parth, feeling unsupported by his family, curses Abhimanyu, vowing to win Manjiri's support.

The Dahi-Handi Tradition

Amidst the turmoil, the Birla family prepares for the Dahi-Handi event, where bonds will be tested and rivalries may escalate.

Family Divisions

Akshara informs Manish and Swarna about Parth's demands, leading to a decision not to attend the event. But will they change their minds?

The Competition Begins

As tensions simmer, Abhimanyu, Manish, Kairav, and even Ruhi gear up to participate in the Dahi-Handi competition.

A Silent Plea

Abhimanyu tries to communicate with Akshara once more, but she remains distant. He turns to Lord Krishna, hoping for divine intervention.