YRKKH: Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai- 03-Sep-2023

Ruhi's Good News

Ruhi shares the exciting news, which adds to the excitement of the family as they are already celebrating Abhi's success.

Achievement of Abhi

Abhi's remarkable journey to becoming an MD is celebrated with pride by his family.

Akshu's concern for Kairav

Akshu senses Kairav's uneasiness and expresses his concern about his relationship with Muskaan.

The Secret Glimpse of a Smile

 Muskaan finds Kairav's phone, which arouses her curiosity to know about his mysterious messages.

Akshu's Words of Wisdom

Akshu confronts Parth for appreciating Abhi's achievement and expresses concern over his decision to get angry.

Abhi's Inner Struggle

Abhi struggles with guilt and confusion as he contemplates the consequences of his actions.

Abhir's Special Request

Abhir makes a unique request, seeking Abhi's support for his academic achievement.

Smile of Suspicion

Muskaan asks Kairav about his phone and starts questioning his relationship with Pallavi.

Akshu's Singing Lessons

Akshu plays the role of a music teacher, who teaches Abhi to sing with patience and laughter.

Memories of Abhi

Abhi is haunted by memories of his past as he grapples with the emotions evoked by the music.

Shefali's comforting words

Shefali consoles Abhi and reminds him that thoughts can be controlled, while actions matter the most.

Kairav's Phone Dilemma

Muskaan and Kairav's relationship faces challenges as suspicions and misunderstandings arise between the two.

Late Arrival of Abhi

Abhi comes home with a heavy heart, faced with a dilemma that could affect his family.

Akshu's Reassurance

Akshu supports Abhi in his musical journey, encouraging him to overcome his fears and insecurities.

Music and the Power of Family

Music, emotions, and family ties intertwine, shaping the path of Akshu's story.


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