The Episode starts with Akshu clapping and saying you sang well, you will win, and I will show you how to sing from the heart.

Abhi remembers their moments spent in the past.

Why is the past coming in front of my eyes? Please, Mahadev, you help me.

Competition Time

It's evening now, and the competition is on. Abhi and Abhir look tense."

Manjiri and Akshu go to get their hair done. Abhi and Abhir say, 'Don't touch the hair.

Manjiri and Akshu laugh and tease them, saying they will win the comedy

Abhir is called on the stage to sing. Ruhi wishes him luck, and Abhi and Abhir take their mother's blessings.

Akshu comes up with a plan to save the performance. She needs everyone's help.

Akshu connects the car battery to the microphone, and the lights come back on.

Abhi and Abhir give a heartfelt performance, singing 'Humne Bahane Se...

The audience praises their performance and asks them to dance.

Abhi and Abhir dance to 'Malang Si...

The Winners

Akshu and Manjiri's plan works, and the host announces Abhi and Abhir as the winner.

Abhi and Abhir dedicate their win to their mothers and thank Ruhi.

Akshu notices Abhi's worry and asks about it.

Janmashtami Celebration

It's morning, and the family is preparing for Janmashtami.

Akshu and Aarohi scold Kairav for eating laddoos during the fast.

The family gathers for Janmashtami celebrations.

A Shocking Revelation: Suwarna asks Akshu to open the Jhanki, but a shocking revelation unfolds.

The lady reveals, 'Akshu can't do it, she is a widow.

Stay Tuned for the Next Twist

Stay Tuned for the Next Twist