Akshu's perilous pregnancy

Akshu is hospitalized after a miscarriage.

Abhi prays fervently for the baby's safety.

Abhi's fervent plea

Akshu's family and friends provide support.

A circle of support

Manjiri apologizes to Abhi for her actions.

Manjiri's remorse

Abhi dreams of Manjiri accepting Akshu's baby.

A fleeting dream of unity

Abhi is informed of the hospital's decision to open a VIP wing.

A decision that divides

Abhi argues against the decision, citing the need to prioritize patients who cannot afford treatment.

Abhi's unwavering stance

Mahima insists on the decision, stating that the hospital needs to generate revenue.

Mahima's firm resolve

Abhi resigns from his position in protest.

A resignation fueled by conviction

Akshu visits Abhi at the hospital and they share a meal together.

A shared meal amidst the turmoil