Akshara Takes Blame for Aarohi's Death

Aarohi dies in an accident, and Akshara takes the blame for the accident upon herself.

The Goenka family, including Surekha, turns against Akshara after Aarohi's death.

Family Turns Against Akshara

Aarohi's demise leaves the entire family devastated and broken.

Aarohi's Death Shatters Family

Surekha falsely accuses Akshara of being responsible for the accident.

Surekha Accuses Akshara

Bade Papa expresses anger and disbelief at Surekha's accusations against Akshara.

Bade Papa's Anger at Accusations

Akshara confides in Abhimanyu and reveals the truth about Ruhi's role in the accident.

Akshara Confides in Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu persuades Akshara not to disclose Ruhi's involvement to protect her.

Abhimanyu Urges Secrecy About Ruhi

Akshara eventually admits her own mistake to the family, including improper parking of the car.

Akshara Admits Mistake to Family

The entire Goenka family, except Mimi, turns against Akshara, who tries to defend her actions.

Family Divided Over Akshara's Defense

Akshara decides to leave for Kasauli with Abhir, and Abhimanyu expresses his love and commitment to be with her.

Akshara's Departure, Abhimanyu's Commitment