The episode starts with Abhimanyu crying and thinking about Manjiri's situation.

"Abhimanyu's worries"  

He goes on his bike. Akshara hums the song and makes Abhir sleep.

"Seeking Solace"

She goes to close the window. Then she sees Abhimanyu.

"Akshara's Compassion"

She goes and sits near him to talk to him. She says no one knows when sorrow will stand at the door, are you okay?

"A Heartfelt Conversation" 

He starts crying. Akshara gives a handkerchief to Abhimanyu. She asks if he met them.

"A Moment of Wisdom"

She consoles him and says that only you can end their suffering, and they promise to share happiness, sorrow, and chocolate together.

"A Shared Promise"  

Abhimanyu asks Akshara if she will come to meet her mother, and they decide to go together.

"A Midnight Journey"

Akshara sings a soothing song for Manjiri.

"A Soothing Melody" 

Kairav finds his bag and a watch falls from it, When Muskaan asks, he says it's Pallavi's watch.

"Reminiscence of Responsibilities"

Mahima asks to check Manjari’s report. Abhimanyu surprised everyone with his resignation letter.

"Family Matters"

Abhimanyu reveals his decision to resign and faces acceptance from Parth.

"A Difficult Decision"

Akshara arrives and convinces Abhimanyu to stay by emphasizing his importance to the hospital.

"An Appeal"

Shefali's car breaks down, and they realize that Manjiri is missing from the car.

"Manjari's Search"

Abhimanyu and Akshara find Manjiri and call her name.

"A Desperate Search"

Manjiri remembers the fire incident and becomes dizzy and falls.

"A Frightening Flashback"