"Get ready for a dramatic turn of events in the popular TV series 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.' Muskaan's sinister plan is about to unfold."

"Muskaan's hatred towards Abhimanyu and her growing suspicion have made her the main antagonist of the show."

"Muskaan's Growing Resentment"

"Muskaan believes Abhimanyu is responsible for her brother's death, intensifying her animosity towards him."

"Muskaan's Deep-Seated Belief"

"Her doubts extend to her husband, Kairav, as she begins to question even the smallest details of their relationship."

"Muskaan's Increasing Doubts"

"In an upcoming episode, Muskaan will commit a shocking act that will solidify her status as the show's ultimate villain."

"Muskaan's Sinister Act"

"A mistake by Shefali leads to a crucial moment in Sunday's episode, as Manjari escapes, setting the stage for Muskaan's dark plan."

"Sunday's Episode - A Turning Point"

"In a chilling twist, Muskaan deliberately chooses not to stop her car when she encounters Manjari on the street, with Abhir inside."

"Muskaan's Heartless Decision"

 "Abhir reveals the truth to the family, raising questions about Muskaan's motives. Is it hatred or something else?"

"Abhir's Shocking Revelation"

"Akshara confronts Muskaan about her heartless act, and Muskaan's response leaves everyone in suspense."

"Muskaan's Confession"