Abhi and Akshu having a heart-to-heart conversation "He says the hug yesterday, I was excited. She says we are friends, so all good.

He says we are behaving like kids, it doesn’t suit us. They eat a chocolate.

"He says yes, the world thinks I'm mature, don’t know what happens when it's about you. She says it's good. He says we used to fight before, now we are calm."

"Akshu says let dockman say, I will make a different one. Abhi says let her say, then I will say. Abhir says you aren’t serious about the class party, you sort out the fight. She says it's nothing like that."

"She says Abhir has a maths test and an English test before that, I made him prepare. They go to their cars. Abhi thinks Akshu is happy, everything is settled, stop thinking, all is well.

"Manish and everyone talk to Manjiri and family. Mahima asks what’s the matter, why are you getting awkward."

"Akshu asks how can they take me away from Abhinav. Manish comes and says, think a little for Abhir and your future."

"Suwarna says we will respect your decision. Dadi explains to Akshu. Akshu refuses and goes."

"Manish says Abhi, Akshu, and Abhir stay as one family, they complete each other, why can’t they become a family."

 "Suwarna says you heard it, now please stop this drama. She says Akshu and Abhi told their decision, let’s end this here."

 "Muskaan hears this and asks what. Kairav looks on. Abhi sees the kids’ pic. Akshu sees Abhinav’s pic. They hug the pics."