"At the beginning of the episode, we see that everyone is taking Jyoti to the operating theatre, and everyone, including Akshara, is encouraging her."


"When the nurse asks Akshara about Abhimanyu, she tells him that he is not coming. Hearing this, everyone gets worried, and Jyoti’s parents also get sad. Akshara prays to Kanha ji for Abhimanyu’s arrival."

Akshara's Prayer

"Just then, Abhimanyu is seen coming from the front. Akshara thanks God, and everyone becomes happy after seeing Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tells everyone not to worry and goes inside."

Abhimanyu's Arrival  

"Next, we see that Kairav comes to a restaurant with Muskaan, where a boy is proposing to Pallavi. Kairav tells Muskaan that now his doubt has been cleared, and now Muskaan realizes her mistake."

Kairav's Realization

"Here Abhimanyu comes out of the operation theater and tells everyone that the operation has been successful."

Successful Operation

"Akshara brings Abhimanyu to a restaurant and there she says to Abhimanyu that she is sorry. She asks him to get her nameplate fixed, then Abhimanyu says, 'I will leave it like this so that it reminds us of our duty.

Akshara's Apology

"Everyone, including Akshara, is busy preparing for the Ganpati festival. They are ready and joking among themselves."

Ganpati Festival Preparation

"Muskaan comes and apologizes to Kairav, crying with folded hands. She says she questioned his character in front of everyone and made a big mistake."

Muskaan's Apology

"Now Muskaan and Kairav are left alone there. Muskaan asks Kairav, 'Have you forgiven me?' Kairav says, 'It will take some time.'"


"On the other side, everyone is busy preparing for the Ganpati festival. Mahima brings Manjiri out, giving her courage."

Manjiri's Courage

"Abhimanyu is shocked to see Manjiri’s condition and comes out. He stands outside sadly."

Abhimanyu's Guilt

"Then some children from the orphanage come, all of them are Jyoti’s friends, and they all have come to thank Abhimanyu. Ruhi goes to play with everyone."

Friends from the Orphanage

"Manjiri comes to Abhimanyu and tells him to come out of his guilt. She assures him that what he did was right."

Mother's Assurance

"Abhimanyu says, 'Okay, Mother, you have to face your fear, you have to do aarti with me, only then I will understand that you are fine.' Akshara helps Abhimanyu in wearing the cap."

Aarti Together

"Ruhi and Abhir are playing, and Shafli is coming with a plate of Prasad. Then she collides with Ruhi and Abhir, and the plate falls. Akshara and Aarohi start scolding both."

Prasad Mishap

"Now, people are worried, wondering where will Prasad come from."