"International support pours in as countries offer aid and assistance. Even Algeria, despite strained relations, has extended a helping hand."

"Over 1000 Dead, 1200 Injured in Devastating Quake"

"On a fateful Friday night, Morocco experienced its most powerful earthquake in over 120 years."

"Magnitude: 6.8 | Location: 72km southwest of Marrakech | Time: 11:11 PM local time"

 "The earthquake left a trail of death and destruction, with over 1000 casualties and widespread devastation."

"Search and rescue operations are underway, but efforts are hindered by debris. 721 people are in critical condition."

"Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Department has mobilized medical, relief, and search and rescue teams, ready

"Morocco stands resilient, supported by the world's solidarity. The road to recovery is long, but hope shines bright."

"As Morocco rebuilds and heals, let's remember the strength of its people and the support of the global community."