Vinod's world is turned upside down when his beloved niece Nidhi's friend Shanaya stays over, revealing a shocking truth.

Sughanda and Kamal's relationship takes an unexpected spicy turn with the arrival of Kamal's friend Rajat, sparking passion and change.

Sultan and Deepu: A lazy boy's disdain for a prized buffalo transforms into love and respect when the buffalo aids his needy family.

A watchman hired to protect a mansion becomes entangled in a web of lust and betrayal, leading to unforeseen consequences.

Kamla, a young woman, secretly meets her boyfriend, but shocking revelations about her upcoming marriage change everything.

Kapil, a chronic underachiever, joins his dad's workplace, but his antics with the owner and her daughter spiral into chaos.

A young woman forced to wear a mysterious churidar discovers its strange and powerful abilities.

In a dark underground business, virgins are auctioned to wealthy men, led by a ruthless woman who faces resistance from a determined rebel.

Naina spreads rumors of Raja's sexual prowess, making him a favorite among village ladies, leading to unexpected consequences.

Suspicion and deception entangle Sarla and Dev's marriage as loyalty is put to the test, with surprising outcomes.

Sumaer and Shalini's marriage faces turmoil due to mismatched sex drives, leading to a plan that backfires.

Television star Pratiksha Singh's shocking suicide sparks investigations by Inspector Sudip and journalist Abhay.

A classical music teacher's wife is tormented by her husband's role-playing perversion, leading to a revenge plot that changes their lives.

Shalini's marriage in a village plagued by male chauvinism and marital abuse introduces her to Divya, Ratna, and Maya, leading to unexpected bonds.