AUGUST- 2023

1.Which state hosted the awareness program named ‘Anu Awareness Yatra – 2023’? 

[A] Tamil Nadu 

[D] West Bengal

[B] Kerala

[C] Andhra Pradesh

Correct Answer:  A [Tamil Nadu]

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2.Which city hosted the ‘UK-India Defense and Military Technology Cooperation workshop’? 

[A]New Delhi

[D] Liverpool

[B] London

[C]  Pune

Correct Answer:  B [London]

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3.What is the name of the new forum created by OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Anthropic? 

[A] Frontier Model Forum 

[D] Public Model Forum 

[B] Learning Model Forum 

[C] Knowledge Model Forum 

Correct Answer:  A [Frontier Model Forum] 

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4.Which Union Ministry is associated with Jan Vishwas (Amendment of Provisions) Bill? 

[A] Ministry of Finance 

[D] Ministry of Corporate Affairs 

[B] Ministry of Commerce and Industry 

[C] Ministry of MSME 

Correct Answer:  B [Ministry of Commerce and Industry] 

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5.Indian companies have been allowed to list on foreign exchanges through which institution? 


[D]  NSE



Correct Answer:  B [IFSC]

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6.Where are the remains of Nero’s Theatre recently discovered? 

[A]  Italy 

[D]  Hungary

[B] France

[C]  Germany

Correct Answer:  A [ Italy ]

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7.Which north-eastern state exported over 1.3 tonnes of Pineapples to the Middle East? 

[A]  Assam 

[D]  Mizoram

[B] Arunachal Pradesh

[C]  Meghalaya

Correct Answer:  C [Meghalaya]

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8.Which country has decided to suspend the operation of its Taipan helicopter fleet? 

[A]  USA 

[D]  China

[B] Russia

[C]  Australia

Correct Answer:  C [Australia]

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9. Where is the ‘World Police and Fire Games 2023’ held?

[A]  India 

[D]  Canada

[B] Australia

[C]  Japan

Correct Answer:  D [Canada]

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10.‘National Moth Week’ is observed in which month? 

[A]  June 

[D]  September

[B] July

[C]  August

Correct Answer:  B [ July]

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