Veer’s Confrontation

 Veer is threatened by a cop and makes demands to reveal Angad’s location.

Veer wants to speak to Inspector Gagan and cancel the shoot-at-sight orders on Angad.

Veer’s Demand

 Inspector Gagan agrees to Veer’s demands and asks him about Angad’s whereabouts.

Inspector Gagan’s Agreement

Angad finds clues of Romi’s presence and Sahiba’s torture in the jungle.

Angad’s Discovery

Angad searches for Sahiba and sings a song to guide her towards him.

Angad’s Search

 Sahiba hears Angad’s voice and song and follows the sound, also singing along.

Sahiba’s Response

Romi stops Sahiba from singing and hides from Angad.

Romi’s Interference

In the next episode, Sahiba stops Angad from killing Romi and suggests handing him over to the police.

Upcoming Confrontation

Romi escapes with Sahiba, and the police capture Angad, who leads them to Romi and Sahiba.

Romi’s Escape and Angad’s Capture

Romi steals a gun from the police and shoots Angad, leaving his fate uncertain.

Romi’s Betrayal