Marvel fans will find lots to love about Spider-Man 2’s breathtaking visuals and exciting web-slinging gameplay, though its focus on two protagonists left us wanting more from the story.

Spider-Man 2 Review: A Marvel game that leaves you wanting more

Spider-Man 2 is a PlayStation 5 exclusive game that features two playable protagonists, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, who have different powers and costumes.

PlayStation 5 exclusive

The game has breathtaking visuals, exciting web-slinging gameplay, and cool costumes that make you feel like a true Marvel hero.

Breathtaking visuals, exciting web-slinging gameplay

The game has a fascinating villain, Venom, who has intriguing powers and a fun backstory. The game also sets up for the next slate of Marvel games to be epic

Fascinating villain

The game has sleek combat, intriguing powers, and epic action sequences that make full use of the PlayStation 5 controller’s rumbles and sound effects.

Sleek combat, intriguing powers

The game has a jumbled storytelling that feels like extended downloadable content to the previous games. The game tries to balance two protagonists, but some characters outshine the others.

Jumbled storytelling

The game has an anti-climatic feeling that leaves you wanting more. The game has a lot of chores and tasks that distract from the main story. The game also feels like a setup for future games rather than a standalone experience.

Anti-climatic feeling

The game has prolonged boss fights that are predictable and repetitive. The game does not offer much challenge or variety in the combat scenarios.

Prolonged boss fights

The game has a bromance between Peter and Miles that is moving and memorable. The game explores their friendship and mentorship in a touching way.


The game has a comparison to other Marvel films and TV shows that have similar problems. The game suffers from the same issues of jumbled storytelling, anti-climatic feeling, and prolonged boss fights that some Marvel properties have faced after Avengers: Endgame.


The game has a final verdict that is mixed. The game is a game that Marvel fans will love, but that also leaves them wanting more. The game is a showcase of the PlayStation 5’s capabilities, but also a filler episode of the Marvel video game series.

Final verdict