Satta King Result       01-Oct-2023

DESAWAR (05:00 AM) {18}[47][XX] FARIDABAD (6:00 PM) {00}[31][19] GAZIYABAD(08:10 PM) {40}[11][51] GALI( 11:00 PM ) {70}[04][59] PALWAL(05:00 PM) {87}[57][87] TAJ(03:15 PM) {14}[25][39] PESAWER(03:15 PM) {35}[40][15]

South..Delhi(07:30 PM) {34}[27][70] Shalimar(07:30 PM) {87}[43][79] Lucky 7(10:15 PM) {22}[93][14] GHAZIABAD DIN(04:30 PM) {00}[93][77] FARIDABAD GOLD(03:15 PM) {93}[81][XX] MILLION(02:30 PM) {50}[31][45] DELHI STAR-DL(03:10 PM) {80}[87][79] DELHI BAZAR(03:00 PM) {73}[65][63]

KANPUR LOCAL(04:30 PM) {93}[15][20] WINNER(02:15 PM) {67}[27][97] PRAYAGRAJ(05:30 PM) {24}[98][89] CHAMBAL(09:30 PM) {84}[55][01] FD..MAIN(05:40 PM) {90}[24][41] KUBER..LAXMI(08:30 PM) {45}[59][87] MALAMAL(10:30 PM) {84}[94][54] BUMPER(10:50 PM) {84}[81][75]

RAJ..RANI(11:20 PM) {98}[50][57] DHAMAKA(12:00 PM) {61}[60][81] Mayapuri..up(09:30 PM) {87}[97][75] GALI..CHOR(11:30 PM) {57}[84][24] Alwar..Bajar(09:00 PM) {81}[87][54] Shri Ganesh(04:30 PM) {92}[02][57] DADRI(05:00 PM) {87}[04][90] NOIDA(07:30 PM) {84}[75][87]

AYODHYA(4:30 PM) {37}[60][19] LUCKY JODI(5:45 PM) {95}[82][31] KINGDOM(5:45 PM) {39}[88][43] KUTUB MINAR(7:00 PM) {57}[86][41] KILA(7:30 PM) {57}[86][41] KALYAN DELHI(7:30 PM) {55}[65][40] GALI MID(8:45 PM) {00}[64][89] DISHAWAR MID(8:30 PM) {50}[67][57]

KUBER(9:40 PM) {89}[62][55] DHANLAXMI(10:20 PM) {45}[62][28] DUBAI MATKA(10:20 PM) {18}[75][60] DUBAI KING(11:10 PM) {15}[22][44] GURUGRAM(11:35 PM) {45}[69][41] TAJMAHAL(11:20 PM) {34}[14][12] PANKI(11:45 PM) {45}[05][20] KASHI(11:50 PM) {45}[80][51]

SATTA UP(9:50 PM) {65}[98][00] HUKUM KA IKKA(3:00 PM) {59}[72][91] IKKA(3:00 PM) {41}[90][93] MILAN DELHI(2:30 PM) {65}[99][20] BADA-BAZAR(03:00 PM) {57}[87][79] HYDERABAD(07:00 PM) {53}[92][XX] SAFFAR(08:15 PM) {01}[14][XX] Rajdhani MP(10:00 PM) {72}[84][94]

Old Taj(10:00 PM) {47}[09][92] Daily Satta(6:35 PM) {06}[09][42] GALI LEAK(11:35 PM) {71}[79][30] DESHAWAR LEAK(10:15 PM) {05}[19][15] FARIDABAD LEAK(6:00 PM) {84}[87][92] GAZIABAD LEAK(8:40 PM) {87}[86][75] SATTA JANTRI(9:15 PM) {15}[71][50] SATTA LUCKY NUMBER(9:45 PM) {35}[47][72]

Shrilaxmi(04:45 PM) {16}[80][92] OLD INDORE(10:15 PM) {26}[57][XX] GHAZIABAD AFTERNOON(02:00 PM) {74}[81][48] Haridwar(12:00 PM) {37}[24][03]

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