Matthew Perry

Tribute to Matthew Perry, who portrayed Chandler Bing in the TV show "Friends."

Despite Chandler's sarcastic persona, he offers valuable money lessons in the show.

The piece reflects on Matthew Perry's legacy and his iconic character.

Chandler Bing, as a character, starts as a young adult with a challenging past.

Chandler often lends money to friends, such as Joey and Ross, and rarely gets it back.

It emphasizes the lesson that lending money to family and friends may not always result in repayment.

Chandler is depicted as a frugal character who prioritizes saving over extravagant spending.

Viewers can learn from Chandler's disciplined approach to saving.

Chandler's ability to take risks and transition to a creative career is portrayed as a valuable financial lesson.

Lessons about planning for weddings, the significance of saving for major life events, and the importance of managing money online.