Dosa: Thin, crisp South Indian pancake made from fermented rice-black gram batter. Served with potato mix, sambar curry, and chutneys. Delicious breakfast!


Vindaloo: A rich curry with marinated meats like mutton, chicken, or pork, influenced by Portuguese origins and spiced with tamarind and chilies.


Samosa: Triangular crispy pastry, filled with spiced potatoes, lentils, meat, etc. Indian snack with origins in Central Asia, served hot with chutneys


Korma: Creamy stew, meat or veg, mild taste. Saffron, yogurt, spices like coriander, ginger. Originated in Akbar's royal kitchen, blending Persian and Indian flavors.


Indian Thali: Round platter filled with rice, veggies, meats, chutney, and sweets. Regional variety caters to diverse tastes, veg and non-veg.


Tikka: Marinated boneless chicken, mutton, paneer roasted in clay oven. Tender, flavorful, distinct from bone-in tandoori chicken. Served sizzling.


Tandoori: Meats cooked in clay ovens with smoky flavor. Yogurt marinades seal taste. Integral to Indian cuisine, rooted in Middle Eastern methods.


Butter Chicken: Originated at Delhi's Moti Mahal. Leftover marinade, tomatoes, butter turned into rich sauce for tandoor-cooked chicken. Adored globally


 Naan Bread:Chewy flatbread with origins in India. Baked in tandoor, its tear shape is iconic. From village staple to global favorite since 1300s.


Butter Garlic Naan: Twisted classic with minced garlic, tandoor-baked for golden perfection. Ideal companion for curries and Indian delights.