**BiggBoss 17** has started and the promo of the first day has been released.

 In the promo, **Isha Malviya** and **Abhishek Kumar** are seen fighting.

 Both of them were fighting even when they were in front of the reality show host **Salman Khan**.

There was chaos when both of them entered the house.

Both of them started throwing mud at each other.

Abhishek was even seen having a scuffle with other contestants

The verbal war between Abhishek and Isha would continue even after coming inside the house.

Isha will say something during the conversation that Abhishek will not be able to tolerate.

He will get angry and say, ‘You are saying the same thing again and again.’

 Isha will also not remain silent. She will retort and say, ‘Here everyone will speak. Don’t climb on me too much.'

Bigg Boss 17 is divided into three parts – Dil, Mind, and Dum. Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain chose the heart part.

 Because of Isha, Abhishek Kumar’s temper will rise so much that he will start messing with other contestants also.