Bigg Boss 17

Salman Khan returns as host of the popular reality show. 

 Celebrities, comedians, journalists, and real-life couples enter the Bigg Boss house. 

18 contestants

Dil, Dimaag aur Dum - each house has different rules and challenges for the contestants. 

Three houses

A new feature that allows the contestants to access footage from every episode of the season. 

Archive Room

The show streams on JioCinema and airs on Colors TV at 9 p.m. 

Streaming and airing

The real-life couple who are actors and businessmen. 

Ankita and Vicky

Ankita accuses Vicky of ignoring her and not spending time with her.

Argument on Day 4

Ankita says she is feeling lonely and mentally disturbed in the house.

Emotional breakdown

Ankita tells Vicky that she came to Bigg Boss because she had his support, but now she doesn’t.

Lack of support

Ankita says she doesn’t like the place and doesn’t think she can survive like this. She also says she is the wrong girl for him.

Relationship crisis