StarPlus's cherished series, Anupama, has consistently delighted audiences, amassing a strong fan base on social media

However, since the narrative took a tragic turn with Samar's death, the show has struggled to captivate viewers, resulting in a drop to the fifth position in the TRP rankings

In response, the producers are gearing up to inject a compelling twist into Anupama's storyline, aiming to revive the show's allure.

Recently, a promotional video was unveiled, causing a significant stir as it portrayed Anupama navigating the streets of America.

Simultaneously, the ongoing track promises a formidable twist, with Vanraj Shah initiating shooting and a revelation about Bapuji's grave illness.

Adding to the suspense, there are reports that Pakhi will be expelled from Anupama's household, introducing a new dynamic to the plot.

The latest rumors indicate the imminent entry of a new female character, heralding a transformative phase in the lives of Anupama and Anuj.

With the show facing a decline in TRP, the makers seem determined to infuse fresh energy, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

As fans eagerly await the unfolding developments, the series continues to navigate through uncharted waters, promising an intriguing and unpredictable future.

The evolving storyline and the introduction of new characters hint at a strategic move by the creators to rekindle the magic that initially made Anupama a viewer favorite.