Anupama and Anuj's Family Discussion

Anupama and Anuj are spending time together and discuss various family matters.

Malti is upset that the Shah family isn't helping with preparations for Kavya's baby shower.

Malti's Concerns About Baby Shower Preparations

Anupama explains that various family members are occupied, and Dimple is assisting them.

Anupama's Explanation for Shah Family's Absence

Anuj offers to transfer money for gifts, which Malti acknowledges.

Anuj's Offer for Baby Shower Gifts

Malti shifts the conversation to Anuj's office, but he reassures her not to worry.

Malti's Worries About Anuj's Office

Malti notices Anupama's continuous concern for Vanraj and believes Anuj is doing the same.

Observing Anupama's Constant Concern for Vanraj

Dimple and Tapesh's interaction suggests that they have a history related to dance.

Dimple and Tapesh's Dance-Related Interaction

Anupama is hopeful about Vanraj's recovery, and Leela worries about how long it will take.

Anupama's Hope for Vanraj's Recovery

Anupama invites Paritosh and Kinjal to the baby shower, leading to a confrontation with Paritosh over family support.

Paritosh's Confrontation Over Family Support

Malti plans to use Anu's annual sports day to create problems for Anupama in front of Anuj.

Malti's Plan to Disrupt Anupama's Day