Legal Battle

Anupamaa is engaged in a legal battle for her son, Samar.

Samar was attacked by Sonu Rathod and his politician father.

The Attack

Despite her efforts, Anupamaa lost the case in the lower court.

Court Verdict

Undeterred, she decides to take the case to the High Court.

Appeal to High Court

In the midst of this, she learns that Samar and her daughter-in-law Kinjal are planning to leave the country.

Family Decisions

This news comes as a shock to Anupamaa, who is fighting for Samar’s rights.

Shock and Disappointment

 Anuj is the key witness in the case, is facing a dilemma.

Witness Dilemma

 He is torn between his mother and Barkha, who is against his involvement in the case, and his feelings for Anupamaa.

Conflict of Interests

His decision on whether or not to accompany Anupamaa to the hearing could significantly impact the outcome of the case.

Case Outcome

Emotional turmoil Anupamaa is going through due to the legal battle and her family’s decisions.

Emotional Turmoil