Vanraj's viral video

Vanraj and Suresh Rathore's video goes viral, angering Vanraj.

Anupama motivates Vanraj, and he says with swag - "Vanraj Shah is back."

Anupama's motivation

Anupama convinces Baa in favor of Dimpy. Devika's return: Devika re-enters the show.

Baa's approval

Devika re-enters the show

Devika's return

 Devika asks Anupama what to do, and Anupama angrily says - "Saam Daam Dand Bheda... Whatever it may be, that boy will have to blurt out that that night in the club, that boy shot my son Samar in self-defense. Not me but drove drunk and angry."

Anupama's anger

Devika says - "Till now only mother was fighting, but now a mother and aunt will play a band together."

Devika's support

Someone aims at Ba-Bapuji with a gun from near the door.

Gunshot threat

Vanraj sees and runs forward to save them. Gunshot sound: The sound of a gunshot is heard.

Vanraj's sacrifice

The sound of a gunshot is heard.

Gunshot sound

 It will be revealed in the coming episodes whether the bullet hit Vanraj or Ba-Bapuji, or if it was fired only to scare.