The Forgotten Earpods

Devika forgets her earpods in a café and rushes back to get them.

 Anuj and Anupama are having tea at a stall, discussing justice for Samar.

Tea Stall Conversations

Pakhi reflects on Anupama’s words, while Malti Devi expresses her concerns about the cost of justice.

Reflection and Concern

Anupama reassures Anuj that Samar will get justice and she will find peace.

Reassurance and Peace

Anuj comforts Anupama, promising to always be there for her and vowing to seek justice, even if it means going to the high court or Supreme Court.

Promise of Justice

Anuj expresses his love for Anupama, who reciprocates his feelings.

Expressions of Love

Anuj is upset that Anupama made plans with Devika without involving him, but Anupama asks him not to go anywhere alone.

The Unshared Plan

Suresh, passing by in his car, mocks Anupama for romancing so soon after her son’s death.

Mockery and Insults

Suresh provokes Anupama by saying that the upcoming court case is just a formality and insults her by saying her son is dead because of her past sins.

Provocation and Anger

Angered, Anupama throws her slipper at Suresh, who instructs his servant to record the incident.

The Thrown Slipper

Anupama, in her anger, challenges Suresh that she will ensure justice for Samar.

Challenge to Suresh

Anuj tries to calm Anupama down and assures her that they will fight together in court.

Assurance of Support

Devika returns to the café and finds her earpods, feeling relieved.

Relief at the Café

Malti Devi, worried about the escalating situation, prays for peace and justice.

Prayers for Peace

The episode ends with Anupama and Anuj determined to seek justice for Samar, despite the hurdles they face.

Determination for Justice