Anupama’s upcoming twist:

The upcoming episode of Anupama will feature a twist.

Devika, Samar’s aunt, will enter the show and provide support to Anu.

Devika’s entry: 

A video of Vanraj’s fight with Suresh Rathore went viral, leading to questions about his mental condition.

Vanraj’s fight:

Malti Devi is worried about her son Anuj and feels that Anupama is not concerned about him.

Malti Devi’s concern:

 Anupama is determined to find out the truth about the boy who shot her son Samar in a club.

Anupama’s determination:

In a promo, someone aimed a gun at Ba-Bapuji while they were talking.

The bullet fired at Ba-Bapuji:

Vanraj sees the gunman and runs forward to save Ba-Bapuji.

Vanraj’s attempt to save Ba-Bapuji:

A gunshot is heard, but it’s unclear who was hit.

Gunshot heard:

It’s unknown whether the bullet hit Vanraj or Ba-Bapuji, or if it was fired just to scare them.

Uncertainty about the bullet:

The outcome of these events will be revealed in future episodes.

Future episodes: