"In today's episode, emotions run high as Anupama pleads with Barkha to withdraw the case against Adhik, who she believes is innocent."


"Barkha makes an emotional plea to Anupama and says that Adhik will not harm Pakhi and asks her to take back the case."

Barkha's plea

"Barkha assures Anupama that if Adhik is innocent, justice will prevail, and they will find the real culprit."

Barkha's Assurance

"Ankush shows unwavering belief in Adhik's innocence, even as tensions rise."

Ankush's Belief

"Anupama anxiously waits for Anuj's call but is met with disappointment as his phone is unreachable."

Anuj's Disappearance

"Anupama breaks down in Leela's arms, prompting Ankush to bring her to the Shah house."

Anupama's Breakdown

"Ankush reveals that Anuj went to the hospital to check on a girl who had an accident, leaving everyone stunned."

Anuj's Shocking Revelation

"Anupama is relieved that it's not Pakhi but still fears for her safety."

Relief and Concern

"Kavya provides emotional support to Vanraj, realizing the depth of his emotions now that she's pregnant."

Kavya's Support

"The inspector clears Adhik, stating that he was with a friend the entire day, leaving questions unanswered."

Adhik's Alibi

"Anupama and Adhik decide to join forces to find Pakhi, leaving past differences behind."

Anupama and Adhik Unite

 "Barkha firmly supports Adhik, advocating for his innocence."

Barkha Takes a Stand

"Anupama decides to celebrate Janmashtami with hope in her heart."

Janmashtami Celebration

"Vanraj and Adhik come together to support Anupama in her time of need."

A United Front 

"In the upcoming episode, tensions rise as Romil becomes increasingly irked by the police involvement."


"Anupama extends her warm birthday wishes to Anuj, showing the strength of their bond."

Anuj's Birthday Wish

"As the episode comes to an end, the search for Pakhi continues, leaving us all on the edge of our seats."