Anupama discovers an empty kheer bowl meant for Samar.

Anupama's empty kheer bowl for Samar.

Barkha scolds the men for making cheap jokes.

Barkha scolding the men for jokes.

Leela blames the men for not inviting them to their party.

Leela's party grievances.

Anuj reveals that Samar is shot and no more.

Anuj's shocking news about Samar.

Anupama refuses to believe it and thinks it's a joke.

Anupama refusing to believe it's true.

Anupama imagines Samar near the door.

Anupama's imagination of Samar.

She falls down, believing Toshu is Samar.

An emotional fall and a mistaken identity.

Anuj discusses organ donation with Vanraj.

Anuj discussing organ donation.

Anupama decides to comfort Dimpy for her baby.

Anupama's decision to comfort Dimpy.

Vanraj, Toshu, and Anuj go to the hospital to bring Samar home.

The family's journey to the hospital.