Anupama tells Anuj that she told her about the file which she found from Gurumaa's stuff, and says that she got this picture from that file.


She says she wanted to tell him yesterday but couldn't. Maybe God wanted you to know this today.

Delayed Confession

She had kept this photo in her purse while going to the orphanage. While giving the check to Sushma, he accidentally gave it along with her.

Wrong photo

Sushma recognized that it was you. Hearing this, Malti Devi starts crying. Anuj looks at him.

Sushma's disclosure

Baa says Anuj’s relatives come from somewhere. Babu ji says this is God's play.

Family Response

Romil says I can understand, when mom introduced me to dad, I was also shocked. Barkha says this is a shocking turn, Malti Devi is your mother.

Shocking twist

Younger Anu asks what is happening. Kavya says Gurumaa is your father’s mother. Little Anu becomes happy.

Anupama tells Malti Devi that although she did not know that he was her son, her heart knew.

Anupama's explanation

Malti Devi became emotional. Anupama says you have written ‘A’ with embroidery, though your mind didn’t know, but your heart knew that he is your son.

Emotional Reunion

Malti Devi touches his cheek and says my son Anuj. She again says, my son Anuj. Anupama smiles and also gets emotional.

Anuj is in shock. He stops Malti Devi and asks her to go away from him. He says you are not my mother.

Anuj's Rejection

Anuj says if she was my mother she would not have left me in the orphanage.

Anuj's harsh words

Anuj says you are not my mother and I am not your son. He says I can't accept him even once.

Anuj's decision

He tells Anupama that she never turned back to meet him. He tells Anupama that I am really grateful to inquire and find out all this, but regrets telling you that this is the most painful and sad moment for me.

Heartbreaking Choice

He says he was in an orphanage for 8 years and says he received food, clothing, and shelter, but had no relatives or family there. He says an orphanage is better than the street.

Anuj's painful past

He asks why parents don't understand all this before leaving their children there.

Anuj's questions

He says these papers prove that you have given birth to me, and says my mother is my mother who brought me here for orphanage, raised me taught me good values, and made me this. He says you are not my mother”

Final Rejection