Anupama's Advice

Anupama advises Pakhi not to come for Rakhi if she doesn't want to. She emphasizes that family and festivals should matter, and her husband's happiness should not be everything. Anupama, Anuj, and little Anu leave for the Rakhi celebration.

Pakhi's Reflection

Pakhi reflects on her moments with her brothers and feels upset. Anupama informs Samar and Toshu that Pakhi won't be coming due to her condition. Anuj assures that Pakhi will come once her anger subsides.

Anupama's Conversation with Kavya

Anupama discusses Kavya's situation and advises her not to rely on hope. Anupama prays for Kavya but suggests preparing for the possibility of being alone.

Rakhi Celebration

Younger Anu receives a gift from her brothers and shares love. Dimpy observes their bond and gets upset. Baa asks Kinjal to bring sweets for the celebration.

Pakhi's Dilemma 

Pakhi hears her brother's voice and gets worried. Adhik encourages Pakhi not to make big sacrifices for him. Pakhi expresses her love for Adhik, who reciprocates. Adhik informs Pakhi about meeting his American friend.

Pakhi's Call

Pakhi decides to go ties Rakhi to her brothers. Anupama hopes that Pakhi will understand.

Tension Mounts

Samar informs the family that Pakhi is on her way. Romil is still upset about the accusations. family is in Tension rises as Pakhi takes longer than expected.

Pakhi's Disappearance  

Anupama and the family become increasingly worried. Adhik provides an alibi for his actions. Anupama suspects something amiss and considers involving the police.

Family Discussion

The family discusses Pakhi's absence and expresses concern. Dimpy mentions that Pakhi's favorite festival is Karva Chauth. Toshu and Samar decide to go search for Pakhi. Anupama anxiously waits for her daughter's return.

Anuj's Assurance

Anuj assures Anupama that they will find Pakhi. Adhik expresses fear for Pakhi's well-being. Anupama seeks the truth about Pakhi's situation. Adhik insists he loves Pakhi.