Anupama Written Update Today  2nd Sep 2023


In today’s episode of Anupamaa, emotions run high as Kavya's revelation about her child continues to echo in the Shah house.

 Anupama's Attempt to Explain

Anupama tries to pacify Baa. She urges Baa to wait and take a decision calmly.

 Baa's Anger and Resistance

Baa strongly opposes Kavya and her child, putting her hatred and reluctance to accept them on full display.

 Anupama's Plea for Compassion

Anupama appeals to Baa's sense of compassion, insisting that the child is innocent and that the child should not be punished for Kavya's actions

Pakhi's concerns

Pakhi expresses her concern about Anupama's condition and her responsibilities in Shah House.

Anuj's Concerns

Anuj overhears Pakhi's conversation with more and starts thinking about Anupama.

 Kavya's Confession

Kavya tearfully confesses her wrongdoing, she expresses her love for Vanraj and the family.

Family's Response

The family questions Kavya's actions, leading to a heated discussion about love, lies and consequences.

 Adhik's Secret Plans

Adhi reveals his secret plans for Romil, including the hidden money and Romil's room.

Increasing tension

Tension escalates when Romil confronts Adhikari about his antics.

Baa's Ultimatum

Baa gives Vanraj and Kavya an ultimatum - to choose between the family or each other.

Anupama's Stand

Anupama stands up for Kavya, appealing to Baa's empathy


As emotions run high, the Shah family faces a crucial decision. What will happen next in 'Anupamaa'? Stay tuned for more.

Dive into the heart-wrenching drama of 'Anupama' as emotions flare and secrets unfold in the September 2nd, 2023 episode. Join us for a rollercoaster of feelings as we recap this riveting episode for our readers!"

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