Today's episode starts with Pakhi and Romil etc. Anupama is going towards her room.


Adhik's successful plan

He feels more victorious when his plan to trap Romil is successful. On the other hand, Romil looks sad and his eyes are filled with tears.

Anupama's encouragement:

Anupama pats Romil's head and encourages him wholeheartedly. Romil gets emotional and thanks them for their trust. Anupama, wiping away Romil's tears, shares her experiences of raising children and her ability to distinguish between lies and truth. She advises Romil to take rest.

Adhik encounters with Anupama

When Adhik comes in front of Anupama, Anupama goes to him and asks him to accept the plan to trap Romil. Anupama urges to be more mature and differentiate between maturity and immaturity. The tension increases with Pakhi intervening and Anupama scolding Adhi.

Pakhi's anger

Pakhi confronts Anupama and tells her to stay away from her life and angrily leaves from there. Anupama warns Adhik not to repeat such acts again.

Preparation for Raksha Bandhan

Preparations for Rakshabandhan are going on in Shah House. Vanraj talks about not inviting extra guests but he strictly refuses to invite adhik. He suggested Dimple to tie Rakhi at her home. An argument starts between Dimple and Baa, which is resolved by Babuji and Kinjal.

Anuj and Anupama's romantic moments

Anuj and Anupama share a romantic moment. Anuj sings a song with his arms around Anupama. Anuj expresses concern over Romil and Adhik's constant fights.

Hostel Decision

Anupama revealed that Adhik had taken the money and not Romil. Anuj's anger comes to the fore as he struggles with his emotions.

Barkha's concerns

Barkha expresses concern about Anupama's intentions to Adhik and worries that she will be thrown out of the house. Anupama and Anuj are worried about Pakhi and Adhik.

Another plan in motion:

Adhik shares his plan with Barkha. As soon as Adhik mentions removing Pakhi and Romil from the way, Barkha gets nervous.

Stay Tuned for the Next Twist

Stay Tuned for the Next Twist