Samar expresses gratitude for his loving family, including his grandmother Anupama, grandfather Vanraj, and great-grandfather Hasmukh.

Samar's Gratitude for Family

Samar values his sisters, Pari and CA, as precious family treasures.

Family Treasures: Pari and Chhoti Anu

Samar emotionally thanks Anupama for her unwavering support throughout his life.

Anupama's Unwavering Support

Samar playfully assures Anupama that she is his heaven on Earth.

Samar's Heaven on Earth

They share a heartfelt exchange while enjoying a bowl of kheer.

Heartfelt Exchange Over Kheer

A sudden thunderstorm signifies an ominous turn in the weather.

Ominous Thunderstorm Arrives

Samar apologizes and prepares to leave, reminding Anupama of his departure rituals.

Samar's Departure Preparations

An unexpected appearance by Anuj and other men startles Anupama.

An Unexpected Appearance

Anuj delivers the devastating news that Samar has left them forever.

Devastating News Revealed

The family struggles to come to terms with the tragic reality of Samar's departure.

Family's Struggle to Accept Reality