Anuj comes out after talking to DCP.

Anuj: I talked to him, and he said that no carelessness will be done in this case.

Anupama asks if someone kidnapped her.

Anupama: When Pakhi was small, she used to come and hug me when I cried. Why isn't she coming now?

Anuj tries to comfort Anupama

Anuj: i know no statement can pacify you, but Kanha ji is with us, and he will never do wrong with us.

Adhik confronts Romil about Pakhi's whereabouts

Romil: You're not a victim, you're a criminal.

Vanraj intervenes, demanding answers.

Vanraj: What did you do with my daughter?

Barkha defends her brother.

Barkha: "My brother didn't do anything.

Samar, Toshu, and Barkha argue.

Samar: It's a planned conspiracy.

Inspector arrives and arrests Adhik.

Inspector: We feel he is responsible for Pakhi going missing.

Anupama reveals she filed the complaint.

Anupama: "I want Pakhi back."

Barkha pleads with Anupama to withdraw the complaint.

Barkha: "He can't do this. Take back the complaint."

Anupama refuses and regrets her silence.

Anupama: "My daughter is missing due to me."

Anupama faints, Anuj holds her.

Baa: "What happened?"

Vanraj blames Anupama for Pakhi's disappearance.

Vanraj: "Maybe because of you."

Anupama defends herself.

Anupama: "Should I have taught her to be a silent sufferer?"

Anupama admits her mistake.

Anupama: "This is my big mistake that I didn't take this step before Adhik."

Anupama calls for action.

Anupama: "The torturous husband shall be punished."

Anupama's plea.

Anupama: "The mother shall think 1000 times, then ask her daughter and give him a chance."

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