Vanraj is hesitant about organ donation.

Vanraj's hesitation about organ donation.

Doctor praises organ donation as a noble act.

Doctor's praise for organ donation.

The inspector emphasizes the importance of greatness in difficult times.

Inspector's emphasis on greatness during hardships.

Anuj discusses the Bhagwat Gita's teachings on the body and soul.

Anuj's discussion of the Bhagwat Gita.

A man needs Samar's organ to survive.

Samar's organ is crucial for another person's survival.

Emotional reactions of family members to Samar's situation.

Family members' emotional reactions.

Inspector's struggle to apprehend the culprit.

Inspector's struggle with the influential culprit.

Vanraj's determination to seek justice for his son.

Vanraj's determination for justice.

Anupama tries to console Dimpy.

Anupama's decision to comfort Dimpy.

Samar's final moments and Anupama's love.

Samar's final moments and Anupama's love.