Toshu feels guilty for not helping Sonu and Kinjal plans to shift abroad with Pari.

Toshu’s Guilt and Kinjal’s Plan

Anupama talks to her dead son Samar’s picture and Anuj overhears her pain.

Anupama’s Conversation with Samar’s Picture

Anuj sleeps in the hall and has a panic attack, blaming himself for Samar’s death.

Anuj’s Panic Attack

Guru Maa tries to make Anupama realize Anuj’s suffering, but she gets a call from Shah Niwas that Vanraj is missing.

Vanraj Goes Missing 

Anupama leaves everything and goes to Shah House, leaving Anuj alone and hurt.

Anupama Leaves for Shah House

Vanraj is found creating a scene outside the club where Samar was shot and Anupama tries to stop him.

Vanraj’s Scene Outside the Club

Vanraj pushes Anupama in anger and Anuj comes to her rescue.

Anuj Rescues Anupama

Sonu’s father provokes Vanraj and he attacks him, making the clip viral.

Viral Clip of Vanraj’s Attack

Anupama, along with the Shahs, celebrates Navratri and Samar thanks her for bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

Navratri Celebration at Shah house

Anuj feels neglected and ignored by Anupama, who only cares about the Shah family.

Anuj Feels Neglected