Anupama's relationship with Anuj begins to improve, bringing happiness back into her life.

Anupama's Happiness:

Little Anu's Discovery: Little Anu finds her grandmother, Malti Devi.

Little Anu's Discovery:

Happiness returns to the Kapadia House, bringing tears of joy to Anupama's eyes.

Return of Joy:

The Shah family unites once again for Vanraj, deciding to celebrate Navratri together.

Family Unity:

Malti Devi teaches Little Anu to dance and promises to always be there for her and her father.

Malti Devi's Efforts:

Anuj questions Anupama about their relationship, expressing his desire for her forgiveness.

Anuj's Questions:

Anupama struggles with her feelings for Anuj, asking for time to forgive him.

Anupama's Struggle:

Anupama fears losing Anuj after he mentions death.

Anupama's Fear:

Upon reaching Kapadia House, Anupama experiences immense joy upon meeting the boy who received Samar’s eyes.

Anupama's Joy:

Meanwhile, Vanraj is not well and Kavya asks everyone to be patient with him.

Vanraj's Condition: