Justice Served

Baa shares the news of her grandson Samar’s justice over a phone call.

Kavya’s Hope and Fear for Samar and Shivansh

Mixed Emotions

Babu Ji appreciates Anupama’s role in achieving justice for Samar.


 Vanraj is torn between happiness for Samar’s justice and sadness for his absence.

Father’s Dilemma

Dimpy discusses the impact of Samar’s situation on Anupama and Vanraj.

Family Dynamics

Toshu suggests seeking a new doctor due to ineffective current medication.

Medical Concerns

 Baa expresses her disagreement with Toshu’s decision regarding his father.

Family Dispute

Anuj admires a sleeping Anupama and wards off any bad sight.

Admiration and Protection

Malti Devi expresses relief for her son and criticizes Anupama’s role as a wife.

Mother’s Relief and Criticism

Anupama shares her dream of a happy Samar with Anuj.

Dreams and Hopes

Anuj presents a rose to Anupama and recites a poem for her.

Romantic Gesture

Anuj notes that Anupama’s name is widespread across various media platforms.

Public Recognition