. Dimpy tells Pakhi she can't become a mother.

Dimpy tells Pakhi that she couldn’t become a mother.

Pakhi asks Dimpy not to lose hope and says there are many options.

Pakhi encourages Dimpy to stay hopeful.

 Dimpy says she is worried about Samar’s dreams, the baby, and standing on her feet.

Dimpy worries about Samar's dreams, the baby, and her future.

Pakhi asks Dimpy to plan what to do.

Pakhi advises Dimpy to make a plan.

Anupama comes to Sonu’s party and confronts him. She dares him to tell the truth about his father.

Anupama confronts Sonu at his party.

 Sonu confesses that his father is Suresh Rathore, who plans attacks on people and threatens them.

Sonu confesses that his father is Suresh Rathore, a criminal mastermind.

 Anupama provokes Sonu by asking if he had asked his bodyguard or driver to shoot Samar.

Anupama provokes Sonu by asking about his role in Samar's murder

 Sonu gets angry and takes out a gun. He aims the gun at Anuj and Anupama.

Sonu pulls out a gun in anger

 Anupama pushes Anuj and they fall down. The inspector comes there and arrests Sonu.

Anupama pushes Anuj to safety, and they fall to the ground

Anupama says Samar will get justice. Devika says thank God Anuj and the Police came at the right time.

The inspector arrives and arrests Sonu.

 Anuj says now this case will be fought in high court.

Anuj announces that Sonu will be prosecuted in high court

Devika says Sonu’s confession, murder weapon, and witnesses are also here. Anupama says that evil dies on Dussehra.

Anupama declares that evil dies on Dussehra