Testimony Insufficiency

Anuj informs Anupama about the insufficiency of his testimony.

The judge’s need for more evidence and the murder weapon.

Court Requirements

Proof of Sonu’s absence from the club on the day of the incident.

Sonu’s Alibi

Suresh and Sonu celebrate their victory after leaving court.

Victory Celebration

Suresh’s declaration about the triumph of truth over lies.

Truth Triumphs

Anupama’s guilt and Devika’s reassurance.

Anupama’s Guilt

 Malti Devi and Barkha contemplate their next moves.

Future Plans

Vanraj expresses his disappointment over the failed justice.

Vanraj’s Disappointment

Anupama’s promise to continue the fight in higher courts.

Fight Continues

Suresh mocks them and records their reactions.

Suresh’s Mockery

Vanraj’s anger and Anupama’s advice to stay calm.

Maintaining Calm

Anupama vows to bring the truth to light.

Vow for Justice

The episode ends with a tense atmosphere, hinting at upcoming challenges.

Tense Atmosphere: