Anupama: Pakhi adamant on having her own child, family celebrates Navratri

Pakhi and Paritosh, can’t have a child.

Pakhi and Paritosh: A Journey Towards Parenthood:

Anupama advises Pakhi to adopt a child, like she did with Samar, who died recently.

Anupama's Advice: The Blessing of Adoption: 

 Pakhi refuses and wants her own biological child. She values blood relations more.

Pakhi's Desire: The Value of Blood Relations:

Pakhi wants to experience pregnancy and its changes, such as the baby’s movements, cravings, etc.

Pakhi's Dream: The Experience of Pregnancy:

Anupama tells Pakhi that adoption is a blessing, not a compromise. She praises Samar’s love and joy.

Anupama's Wisdom: Adoption as a Blessing:

The family celebrates Navratri, a festival of goddess Durga. It was Samar’s favorite festival too.

Family Celebrations: The Joy of Navratri: 

The Gift of Sight to Laksh: Anupama tells the family that Samar’s eyes were donated to Laksh, a blind boy. Samar’s eyes will see through Laksh.

Samar's Legacy:

A Family United in Celebration: The family dances during Navratri, wearing colorful clothes and jewelry. They sing and clap with the music.

Navratri Dance:

Dancing in Memory of Samar: Anupama leads the dance and asks everyone to enjoy the festival. She says Samar would want them to be happy.

Anupama's Leadership:

The family remembers Samar and his cheerfulness. They feel him among them and smile with tears.

Remembering Samar: Smiles Through Tears:

A Hope for Pakhi's Acceptance: The episode ends with Anupama praying to Durga for her family’s well-being. She hopes Pakhi will accept the adoption.

Anupama's Prayer: