Samar’s Justice

Samar has finally got justice and his murderer has been sent behind bars.

Anupama, with the help of her husband Anuj Kapadia and friend Devika, has succeeded in getting justice for Samar.

Anupama’s Success

Pakhi, Anupama’s daughter, is upset as she feels neglected.

Pakhi’s Discontent

Guru Maa Malti Devi, Anuj’s mother, plans to exploit Pakhi’s feelings.

Malti Devi’s Plan

Malti Devi is jealous as Anuj constantly talks about Anupama.

Malti Devi’s Jealousy

 Barkha is fueling Malti Devi’s hatred towards Anupama.

Barkha’s Role

 Malti Devi aims to remove Anupama from Anuj’s life and property.

Malti Devi’s Goal

She has used Anupama’s children against her and plans to use Pakhi and Devika too.

Malti Devi’s Strategy

 Malti Devi will create misunderstandings between Anuj and Anupama.

Creating Discord

She will convince Anuj that Anupama was never his and she only cares about the Shah family.

Malti Devi’s Manipulation