Anupama’s Masterstroke

Anupama plans a masterstroke in the upcoming episode.

Sonu, Samar’s murderer, might fall into Anupama’s trap.

Sonu’s Trap

Sonu gets acquitted by the court in the current episode.

Sonu’s Acquittal

Suresh Rathod celebrates Sonu’s acquittal.

Rathod’s Celebration

Anupama and Anuj feel helpless post Sonu’s acquittal.

Anupama and Anuj’s Helplessness

Vanraj might lose his temper if he learns about this.

Vanraj’s Temper

Anupama devises a plan to get justice for Samar.

Justice for Samar

In a promo, Sonu confesses to shooting Samar when confronted by Anupama in a club.

Sonu’s Confession

The confrontation is part of Anupama’s plan to trap Sonu.

Anupama’s Plan

The audience is excited about this plot twist.

Audience Anticipation