Anupama decides to visit the Shah house to celebrate Navratri, keeping in mind her son Samar’s happiness.

Anupama’s Visit to Shah House

During the celebration, an inspector calls. It’s uncertain whether this will bring good news or more troubles for the Shah family.

The Inspector’s Call

A video recorded by a politician is expected to cause problems for the Shah family.

Politician’s Video

There are hints of a twist involving Samar and Toshu, which is causing excitement among fans.

Samar-Toshu Twist

Abroad Speculations are rife about Kinjal and Toshu moving to London, reducing the number of characters in the serial.

Kinjal-Toshu Going

There are predictions that Pakhi might receive shocking news from a doctor about her inability to become a mother.

Doctor’s News for Pakhi

Pakhi is criticized for not realizing that she and her family are also outsiders in Malti Devi’s house.

Pakhi’s Misunderstanding

Fans are speculating about a possible reunion between Anupama and Anuj.

Anupama-Anuj Reunion

Malti Devi was scolded for being insensitive, even though she had suggested going to Shah House and doing Garba.

Malti Devi’s Insensitivity 

Fans’ speculations about the upcoming storylines are trending on social media, adding to the excitement around the serial.

Fan Speculations